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Genoa Terrazzo Cement Tiles

A white based Terrazzo tile with high impact grey and brown marble chips. Available in sizes 30cm x 30cm, 40cm x 40cm, 60cm x 30cm, 60cm x 40cm, 50cm x 50cm, 60cm x 60cm. Terrazzo tiles were originally invented by Italian construction workers as a minimum cost flooring material using marble chips. Consisting originally of marble chips, clay, and goat milk (as the sealer), production of terrazzo became much easier in the early twentieth century with the introduction of power equipment and mechanical grinders. Terrazzo is a low impact, environmentally friendly floor covering, giving a classical modern look to any home or business its used in. The enduring beauty and extreme durability of terrazzo mean that it is enjoying a current revival in both commercial and residential applications. Minimum order - 5m², Availability- 4-6 weeks. Please contact our London store to discuss your requirements and expert advice.
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