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Rieti Terrazzo Cement Tiles

A light grey based terrazzo, with dark grey and light grey marble chip. Available in 30cm x 30cm, 40cm x 40cm, 60cm x 30cm, 60cm x 40cm, 50cm x 50cm, 60cm x 60cm. Minimum order - 5m² , Availability- 4-6 weeks Terrazzo was created when resourceful Venetian mosaic workers discovered a way to reuse marble remnants. They would put the small marble rocks in clay and grind them flat for a more comfortable walking surface. Terrazzo flooring is an original recycled product using recycled materials it's also economically viable and environmentally friendly, this makes Terrazzo the perfect choice for today's ecologically attentive clientele. Looking for a specific design or bespoke requirements? Please contact out Central London store for a free consultation.
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