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Concrete Terrazzo Porcelain

Our Concrete Terrazzo Porcelain tiles are reminiscent of hand mixed concrete with whorls and eddies of gravel, sand and mica chips. They come in four different tonalities and six different dimensions all designed to compliment and emphasized each other. Dimensions: 120cm x 120cm, 60cm x 120cm, 75cm x 150cm, 75cm x 75cm, 60cm x 60cm, 30cm x 30cm. Thickness: 9mm Skirting tiles in 7cm x 60cm and 7cm x 75cm are available to complement this range. Our Concrete Terrazzo Porcelain range, with its four shades evoking hand-blended cement, veining irregularities and attractive subtle variations in colour, re-create the natural shading and richness of natural stone. These tones are designed to be mixed and matched freely to create completely individual designs or used as a single colour. Concrete Terrazzo Porcelain is a tough, durable surface; its elegant beauty derives from the union of traditional style and technology. Ideal for commercial spaces such as restaurants, showrooms, shops, etc. It is also at home in domestic environments. PTV>36 wet To discuss requirements please contact our sales team.
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