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Terrazzo Cement

Our Terrazzo Cement is a versatile flooring material made from precast recycled marble chipping embedded in a white or pigmented cement base. It is mechanically polished without the use of chemicals to create a smooth, uniform surface, making it an ecologically-friendly and low maintenance option.

Invented by Venetian mosaic workers in the 15th century, it was initially made with scrap marble set in clay and sealed with goat milk. The enduring beauty and extreme durability of terrazzo mean that it is enjoying a current revival in both commercial and residential applications.

Available in a range of sizes and finishes including slabs up to 305cm*124cm and can be cut to tile sizes up to 120cm*120cm and can also be custom made for cladding, stair treads and risers. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Tile Availability - 4-6 weeks from order, minimum order 5m2.


Alameda 7mm - Terrazzo Honed

> Alameda 7mm Chips

 Alameda 15mm - Terrazzo Honed

> Alameda 15mm Chips


> Blesa

Ejura Terrazzo Cement Tile

 > Ejura

Francesca 7mm

> Francesca 7mm Chip

Francesca 15mm

> Francesca 15mm Chips


> Kaleo 


 > Lecce

Palbe 7mm 

> Palbe 7mm Chip

Palbe 15mm 

> Palbe 15mm Chip

Palbe 25mm

> Palbe 25mm Chip


> Riaza


 > Sotillo


 > Turin


> Verona


> Yapei

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