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Autumn, the perfect time to renew and upgrade - maybe it’s finally time to renovate your bathroom? Out with old and in with new! Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom, kitchen or hallway can be a daunting task, but with Terrazzo Tiles' expert advice you're sure to find something unique, practical and timeless.

We've scoured the world to put together a collection of the most trending colours, popular patterns and lastest materials with a view to help making that choice that bit easier! 


Top trend colour – Living Coral.

Living Coral is an animated and optimistic shade, adding a sense of warmth and joy to your bathroom. The playful shade encourages us to find intimacy in our environments, while our lives becoming increasingly busy with social media and technology. Reminiscent of the natural world under the sea, it is a vibrant colour which will mesmerise in any area.

Terrazzo Tiles suggest not get scared by this colour – even though it is a very intense one, it will bring some positivity and harmony into your interior design. Everyone want some positivity and bathroom is the place where you can relax. We would recommend combining Living Coral tile with neutral shades and we are certain your design will stay trendy for years to come.


                                                                                Image credits:  Living Coral Herringbone Brick Tiles, SW2 Bergamo Silver Terrazzo Resin | Interior Images: Pinterest 


Another colour that is currently at the top this year is blue. Colour blue is trust and dependability. The colour is also mentally soothing – for that reason alone, it's one of the most-liked colours across the entire world. That allows us to destress, calm down, and come up with some great ideas. 

We think this colour is perfect for bathrooms. Unfortunately, you should be careful when using a lot of blue in your bathroom design as it can be perceived as distant, cold, or unfriendly. Overall, blue is a well-liked colour that can bring a sense of calmness in your home, but you have to be careful not to overuse it and blue must be combined with other colours.

Our most popular blue tile is Estrellita Marine Blue – it would look stunning with white freestanding bath. Blue hexagonal tiles can be custom-made from bespoke cement patterns or even it can be ceramic glazed. Terrazzo Tiles also have amazing range of brick tiles that will make your bathroom cosy and top trend. 


                                                           Image credits:  Estrellita Marine Blue cement tile, Macedonia encaustic cement tile | Interior Images: Pinterest 


Did you know yellow is the first colour infants respond to? Yellow is colour of happiness, it brings all the positive vibes and cheerfulness. It indeed does have one of the most powerful mental effects in our life. Yellow is trending like never before, from intense yellow to mustard. There must be a shade of yellow that you would like! 

Terrazzo Tiles have plenty of interesting designs and shades of yellow tiles. You can pick your favourite pattern and create a tile with your own colours. Yellow Zellige tiles combined with a Grey Terrazzo floor would make your bathroom bright and elegant. Also, yellow tiles are bright and it makes the room to appear more spacious than it actually is and therefore these tiles would fit perfectly a small bathroom. 


                                                                         Image credits:  SW3 Pabbles Silves Terrazzo Resin Tile, Brick tile | Interior Images: Pinterest 


Green is the colour of harmony and balance. It brings the sense of calmness and brings the feelings of nature. If you're looking to portray health, rest, and to relieve stress, green is the colour for your bathroom.

You can combine Hexagonal Graphic Green Cement tile with our wide range of brick tiles or even shell shape Zellige tiles. If you want something contemporary for your bathroom, you should use Herringbone Bricks Bancha Green mixed with light colour tiles from Terrazzo Resin collection, for example SW2 Bergamo Silver.


                                                                        Image credits:  SW2 Bergamo Silver Terrazzo Resin Tile, Herringbone Bancha Brick tile, Hexagonal Geometric Grey tile | Interior Images: Pinterest 

Blush Pink

Of course, how could we not mention Pink? There are stereotypes about pink, they say pink is girlish. We say no! Pink has so many shades and everyone can find their preferred one. It’s time to beat those stereotypes – pink is for everyone and it’s here to stay! 

For your pink oasis, Terrazzo Tiles recommend Estrelita Pink tiles with star patterns, Pink Terrazzo, Zellige in hexagonal shapes or Brick tiles. Pink blends very well with white, grey, black or even yellow tiles. You can create so many different interiors with these tiles and easily make your bathroom look like Vogue magazine cover!


                                                                        Image credits:  Mosaic Terrazzo Tile, Petals Black Cement tile | Interior Images: Pinterest

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