Care & Maintenace

Care & Maintenace

We highly recommend that your encaustic cement tiles are thoroughly cleaned after laying using a non-acidic cleaning product such as Lithofin Power Clean. After the tiles are completely dry (usually after about 3 days), two coats of sealant should be applied to complete the process. We recommend Lithofin Stainstop MN - one coat priort to grouting and one coat after grouting as per application instructions on the bottle. If a satin sheen is required apply Lithofin Multiseal as a final coat. *except in wet areas 

For daily maintenance we recommend Lithofin Easy Care or alternatively a mild soap. The advantage of Easy Care is that it will help maintain the sealant. Under no circumstances should an acid-based product be used.

If the surface of the tiles becomes damaged, the best method to repair them is by mechanically polishing them after washing with warm water and a mild detergent. The floor should be level with no loose tiles. The floor should be polished softly without the use of abrasive or aggressive products. 

We recommend that your tiles be resealed every 12-18 months.

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