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Terrazzo Effect Porcelain

Our Terrazzo effect Porcelain contains four different tile designs in all though out to closely complement each other within its range: Mirage Terrazzo Effect Porcelain with four different tones and terrazzo designs: Mirage Carrara, Mirage Gribel, Mirage Nero Vanato and Mirage Violeg. There are three dimensions with a thickness of 10.5mm for interior applications and one with a thickness of 20mm suitable for outdoor spaces. LEED certified. Commercial Terrazzo Effect Porcelain has three designs and shades of terrazzo and has one dimension there are skirting tiles to complement. Commercial Terrazzo Porcelain achieves PTV>36 wet and PTV>48 wet. Concrete Terrazzo Effect Porcelain, reminiscent of hand mixed concrete with whorls and eddies of gravel, sand and mica chips has three shades and designs and comes in six different dimensions with complimenting skirting tiles in two sizes. PTV rating: PTV>36 wet. Valentino Terrazzo Effect Porcelain with two shades similar to hand-blended terrazzo with marble chips and veining irregularities and variations in colour with two dimension and a thickness of 9mm. PTV rating: PTV>36 wet and PTV>60 wet. To discuss requirements please contact our sales team.

  Terrazzo Effect Tiles      Mirage- Terrazzo Tiles   

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  Concrete Terrazzo Tiles       Terrazzo Big Chips Porcelain Tiles

     > Concrete Terrazzo Porcelain Tiles                                           > Terrazzo Big Chips Porcelain Tiles 


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