What should I consider before buying a terrazzo countertop?

If you are considering installing terrazzo countertops in your kitchen, here are some aspects you need to have in mind when you contact us: service, address, thickness, finish, edge, timescale, templating and installation. There follows a brief explanation of each element. Your answers will help us give you best service and an appropriate quote.

Our team will be happy to help either at our showroom, via email or telephone and samples of any Terrazzo in our catalogue can be sent.

Once we have all the information we need such as your preferred terrazzo, measurements, location, any special requirements, we will provide you with a quotation.

Do you need our complete service from supply to installation, or do you only require supply and delivery or simply supply.
Delivery is more flexible (and often cheaper) in the London area.
Delivery further afield is likely to cost more.
Our Terrazzo countertops are normally 20mm or 30mm thick, however we ca provide any thickness required at an extra cost.
All samples provided come in 12mm thickness.
Traditional Terrazzo countertops have a polished finish, but you may choose a honed one.
All samples provided come in honed finished.
We provide standard square/polished edge, although there are a number of designs such as mitred, bullnosed and others you may choose from.
Availability varies according to the Terrazzo chosen from our catalogue from 3-4 weeks to 6-8 weeks. Lead times will be confirmed once a specific design has been chosen.
Kitchen appliances and units must be installed before we can take measures for your countertops.

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